“Really amplified the magnitude of what people went through”

“This is a remarkable experience. It's one thing to read about the history of the Holocaust and victim/survivor experiences but to actually see the camp locations (as they were and are now) really amplified the magnitude of the Holocaust and what so many people went through.”

Lauren N.

“Well organized and beautifully done”

“This was an amazing educational opportunity and Dr. Wojcik was engaging, striking a balance of educating while also emphasizing the horrors of the events. The presentation was well-organized and beautifully done.”

Columbia State Community College

“This information is ever more imperative to be shared”

“I took part in the Virtual Tour and found it to be educational, moving, and at the same time horrifying. Thank you for all the time and effort to prepare for this Tour. In our world today with so much ugliness, this information is ever more imperative to be shared.”

Gwen C.

“Effective and surprising to many students”

“The information was very effective and surprising to many of the students who were participating. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable to work with. He was willing to answer any and all questions that we had and his presentation of Auschwitz was extremely impressive.”

Mabank ISD

“Hearing the bits that aren’t spoken about”

“It was fascinating hearing the bits that aren't spoken about like the companies that benefited and never had to pay back. Also the live images of the actual buildings and places – videos are even more real than photos. Also our guide was so helpful with his live commentary and questions answered live in a human voice.”

Christine L.

“It sparked interesting conversations”

“Everyone found it very educational and learned something new. With my kids, it sparked some interesting conversations about today's political climate and how leaders can use dehumanization of a class of people, allowing them to commit crimes against those people.”

Northwest Tucson Homeschoolers


Much more than a lecture, presentation, or walking tour

Your live, guided virtual tour will take you through multiple perspectives of what happened during the Holocaust. Allowing you to absorb the enormity of events – and understand that freedom is a privilege too often taken for granted.

On your journey with Six Million VoicesTM
you will…


Travel through

Combining the richness of a museum with the multi-sensory experiences and resonance of a live walking tour, you will feel as if you’re standing on the grounds of the camps themselves.



Our knowledgeable, expert educational guides integrate original video footage and photographs with drone footage and 3D visualizations and immersion that transcend standard learning methods.


Hear the

Absorb personal anecdotes from stories shared by victims, survivors, and political prisoners – as well as the responsibilities and ultimate choices of those who could have helped, but didn’t.

What is Six Million VoicesTM?

We are an educational provider on a mission to make history’s most painful lesson a deeply meaningful and thought-provoking experience accessible to everyone. So that learning about the Holocaust becomes a catalyst for cultivating empathy, and for understanding the far-reaching impact of our life’s choices.

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Join us in bringing Holocaust education to six million people in the next 6 years.

The lessons of the Holocaust are timeless, haunting, and promote deep self-reflection. But visiting the concentration camps in person is not just difficult – for most people, it’s impossible.

By combining interactive media, tools, and tech, with a knowledgeable, live guide, our true-to-life virtual tours are making meaningful Holocaust education accessible to everyone, all over the world.

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