Take an immersive, interactive tour you’ll never forget

Your private group tour of a concentration camp will give everyone an understanding of the history, the horrors, and the events in a deeply thought-provoking way.


with educators

2 hours

+ time for Q&A 


visitors and counting

“Completely different to watching a webinar”

Lauren N.

“Much more powerful than simply reading about the Holocaust”

Tara J.

“Informative, educational, powerful, and emotional”

Amy K.


Feel as if you’re standing on the grounds of a concentration camp

Your private group tour of a concentration camp uses cutting-edge multimedia along with the support of a highly knowledgeable guide, to take you on a deeply moving journey through history that’s much more than a typical presentation or museum visit.

View original video footage and photographs and hear anecdotes from victims and survivors.

See the camps then and now through 3D and virtual reality tools, and powerful aerial drone views.

Learn about the world leaders who sat in silence and uncover shocking facts about Nazi collaborators.

Tour information

  • Private group tours are available for anywhere from 5-100 participants
  • Live-hosted with a knowledgeable educational guide
  • Run time: 2 hours + plenty of time for live Q&A with your guide following your tour

What participants need to join the tour

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Webcams are not needed
  • 5 minute break halfway

“Really made a difference for me”

Emme H.

“Helped us feel like we were there”

Dee S.

“The presenter would lead us into different buildings”

Charon G.


More than a book, a presentation, a museum visit, or a walking tour

Six Million Voices’ virtual tours of concentration camps blend modern technology with original historical footage and digital multimedia for a deeply meaningful and thought-provoking experience.



Even for those who have studied the camps in depth, this is an eye-opening tour of the history, organization, place, perpetrators, victims, collaborators, and the unspeakable magnitude of events.



Our expert educational tour guides combine modern technology and storytelling to give you an immersive experience which you’ll never forget – and that will inspire deep reflection and thinking.



Not everyone can physically visit the camps. Six Million Voices is the only available tour that allows everyone, no matter their location, to learn about the Holocaust in a respectful and impactful way.

Reaching six million people in six years

At Six Million Voices, we believe that Holocaust education is not only about uncovering the pain of history, but learning of the power that each one of us has to prevent human suffering.

Immersive, powerful, and absolutely unforgettable, these virtual tours show us the horrors that happen when people stay silent. Serving as a reminder that people continue to make bad choices, that freedom is fragile, and that we should never be indifferent.

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How long is a private group tour?

Your tour will be no more than two hours long with a five-minute break halfway. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity for Q&A with your expert guide, which can take up to another hour.
The tour guide cannot see you during the tour, and it will not disturb the tour if you have to stand up, leave the room, or need to take a short break.

What do participants need for the tour?

You need a high-speed internet connection and Zoom installed on the device. You do not need a webcam. We recommend setting aside the full two-hours without disturbances, so you can fully engage with the tour.

How many people can participate in a private group tour?

As few as 30 people, or as many as 100 people, can participate in a private group tour. For bookings of over 100 people, we recommend booking more than one tour.

How can I book a private group tour?

To book a private group tour, you can send us an email to or send us your details via the Contact form and a member of our customer service team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Will we get a reminder of our tour date and time?

When you register for your tour, you will receive an email confirmation and a calendar link with your tour date and time. You will also receive an email reminder 24-48 hours before your tour.