Why Six Million Voices?


Extremism in all forms is on the rise

Neo-Nazism, white supremacism, antisemitism, and other forms of hate are spreading rapidly through the news, society and social media. Negative attitudes are steadily creeping into modern behaviors and language – not just of community or political leaders, but of ordinary, fellow human beings.

By learning the horrific impact of unchecked hatred through the lens of the Holocaust, we can learn how to spot the warning signs of baseless hatred, be a voice for moral clarity and develop the consciousness to never be indifferent to human suffering.


To educate and empower six million people to be a voice all over the world through Holocaust education.

With pioneering technology and expert educational guides, we offer immersive, eye-opening live virtual experiences that are deeply transformational and are more in-depth than a museum visit or a walking tour.


Six Million Voices aims to be deeply meaningful and thought-provoking – and as a result, help cultivate empathy to inspire everyone to stand up against human suffering anywhere and everywhere.


Combining original videos and photographs with drone footage, 3D visualization tools, and live guidance from a trained educational expert, you’ll discover multiple perspectives of the camps – inside and out


The Holocaust is a highly sensitive subject and is difficult for many to grasp. Through Six Million Voices, we’re giving the world access to deeply meaningful and respectful, Holocaust education.


Visiting the camps in person is impossible for most. Which is why our tours weave novel tools and technology into your experience so that you feel as if you’re standing on the haunted grounds of the camps themselves.

Reaching and inspiring six million voices

When the Holocaust silenced its victims, too many people stood by in silence, too. Join us in inspiring the next generation of voices that can speak up to help prevent human suffering wherever and whenever it happens.

100027 voices inspired – and counting

Join us in learning from the Holocaust to shape a better today for us all.