Give students a learning experience they’ll never forget

Help your students absorb the history of the Holocaust and the
enormity of what happened with a deeply thought-provoking virtual
tour of a concentration camp.


with educators

2 hours

+ time for Q&A 


visitors and counting

“Students were in awe”

Richmond High School

‘Showed the realness of the difficult part of history’

Phoenix Union High School District

“My students will never forget this”

Roscoe Middle School


Make learning about the Holocaust
a deeply thought-provoking experience

Museum visits and lectures don’t enable students to absorb the enormity of what happened, or to understand the true messages of the Holocaust. This is why our virtual tours of different concentration camps have been designed to make learning about the Holocaust as impactful and powerful as possible.

View original video footage and photographs and hear anecdotes from victims and survivors.

See the camps then and now through 3D and virtual reality tools, and powerful aerial drone views.

Learn about the world leaders who sat in silence and uncover shocking facts about Nazi collaborators.

Available tours

All tours are live-hosted by a knowledgeable, trained educational guide and can be adjusted to your students learning needs.

Our two main school tours are:

  • Virtual Live Tour of Auschwitz
  • “Through the eyes of Elie Wiesel, z’l” Virtual live Tour of Auschwitz

There is also an opportunity to take the tour with a Holocaust survivor sharing personal experience. Live-hosted with a trained, knowledgeable educational guide.


Further information

  • Run time: 2 hours + teacher-moderated Q&A following your tour
  • Recommended maximum of 100 participants to allow for Q&A
  • Tour is not recorded
  • 5 minute break halfway

Who are school tours suitable for?

  • Suitable for 8th grade and up
  • Adjustments possible for 7th grade or based on students’ sensitivities and prior knowledge and learning about the events of the Holocaust
  • Ideal for middle school, high school and college students

What students are saying about their virtual tours

  • I will carry the lessons forever

    This emotional experience, although very hard, is very important for all of us to try to learn from. If we do not learn from our past mistakes, it is very hard to grow and even better our world.

    I will truly never forget what I experienced during the tour, and I will carry the lessons I learned into my everyday life forever.

    Keira Segars, Ravenscroft

  • I could finally get a full understanding of the atrocities

    In the book, “Prisoner B-3087” I read descriptions of the horrors of the concentration camps and the brutality they entailed. However, I had no real vision of anything. The tour of Auschwitz changed that. It opened my eyes to the true torture that went on.

    Seeing the barracks and the gas chambers put the paint on the canvas, and I finally could get a full understanding of the atrocities.

    Ethan Silverman, Ravenscroft

  • It inspired me to be an upstander

    The tour highlights the good and the bad; survivors shared their stories to educate others. The way the tour guide described and narrated throughout the tour gave life to the experience and taught me to never to be like the Nazis.

    It inspired me to be an upstander from now on and teach others how to act appropriately so these horrible events do not repeat themselves.

    Anonymous, Roscoe Middle School

  • I am gonna live for them

    This tour made me think about how grateful I am of my life and to be where I am. All that time I spent complaining about my life, I should have been praising it.

    Instead of having a negative attitude about my life, I’m going to have a positive one and live it to its fullest. For the people that didn’t have the chance to live out their lives, I am gonna live for them. So the rest of my life, the choices and everything I want to accomplish is for those who died.

    Anonymous, Roscoe Middle School


More than a book, a presentation, a museum visit, or a walking tour

Six Million Voices’ virtual tours of concentration camps blend modern technology with original historical footage and digital multimedia for a deeply meaningful and thought-provoking experience.



Even for those who have studied the camps in depth, this is an eye-opening tour of the history, organization, place, perpetrators, victims, collaborators, and the unspeakable magnitude of events.



Our expert educational tour guides combine modern technology and storytelling to give you an immersive experience which you’ll never forget – and that will inspire deep reflection and thinking.



Not everyone can physically visit the camps. Six Million Voices is the only available tour that allows everyone, no matter their location, to learn about the Holocaust in a respectful and impactful way.

Reaching six million people in six years

At Six Million Voices, we believe that Holocaust education is not only about uncovering the pain of history, but learning of the power that each one of us has to prevent human suffering.

Immersive, powerful, and absolutely unforgettable, these virtual tours show us the horrors that happen when people stay silent. Serving as a reminder that people continue to make bad choices, that freedom is fragile, and that we should never be indifferent.

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How long is a virtual school tour?

No matter your destination, your tour will be no more than two hours long with a five-minute break halfway. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity for teacher-moderated Q&A with your expert guide.

What if the tour doesn't fit into our school schedule?

We will be happy to modify the length of the tour to fit into your schedule. Please email us at for more information.

What kind of content will students be shown during the virtual tour?

The content of the tour is similar to what you would find in a Holocaust museum. We invite you to take a public tour where you can preview the tour and ask us to adjust or remove certain images. As an educator, you can take the public tour at no cost after you register for a school tour for your students.

I don’t have a minimum of 25 students. Can I still book a tour?

For schools that have less than 25 students, we offer a joint tour with another school or group. Please get in touch with us and we can help you organize a joint school tour.

Where do we watch the tour and what do we need?

Your students can either watch the tour in their classrooms, or in an auditorium with multiple classes together. You need a reliable high-speed internet connection and Zoom installed on the device.