Six Million Voices: Transformative Virtual Tours for Holocaust Education and Advocacy



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In the face of a startling rise in antisemitic acts, it is crucial to address the concerning lack of awareness among U.S. Millennials and Gen Z regarding the Holocaust. Recent statistics paint a disconcerting picture: 48 percent of these generations could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto from World War II, and a staggering 56 percent were unable to identify Auschwitz-Birkenau, one of the most infamous concentration camps.

The urgency to prevent the repetition of such atrocities is underscored by the fact that antisemitic acts in the USA have surged by 400%. This alarming trend calls for innovative educational approaches, and one such method gaining traction is the integration of live virtual tours. The statistics highlight a pressing need for educators to find compelling ways to impart the crucial lessons of the Holocaust, ensuring that historical awareness is not lost on the younger generation.

Enter the live virtual tour of Auschwitz through “Six Million Voices,” offering an immersive experience that transcends traditional teaching methods. This virtual journey provides students with a visceral encounter with history, enabling them to virtually navigate the haunting remnants of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Such firsthand encounters foster empathy and deep reflection, essential components often missing from conventional classroom lessons.

Six Million Voices introduces immersive, live virtual experiences, providing depth and engagement beyond traditional museums or walking tours. Your live, guided virtual session will take you through multiple perspectives of what happened during the Holocaust—allowing you to absorb the enormity of events – and understand that freedom is a privilege too often taken for granted.

Combining the richness of a museum with the multi-sensory experiences and resonance of a live walking tour, you will feel as if you’re standing on the grounds of the camps themselves. The knowledgeable, expert educators at Six Million Voices integrate original video footage and photographs with drone footage, 3D visualizations, and immersion that transcend standard learning methods.

Absorb personal anecdotes from stories shared by victims, survivors, and political prisoners – as well as the responsibilities and ultimate choices of those who could have helped but didn’t. The lessons of the Holocaust are timeless and haunting and promote deep self-reflection. But visiting the concentration camps in person is not just difficult – for most people, it’s impossible.

By combining interactive media, tools, and tech with knowledgeable, live-guided educators, Six Million Voices’ true-to-life virtual sessions are making meaningful Holocaust education accessible to everyone worldwide. Why do we call it Six Million Voices? We are asking for 6 million people to be a voice against hate. Our mission is to empower 6 million people to choose to stand up against antisemitism, racism, and bigotry.

“Highlighting that every voice matters, every choice matters, we encourage people to be a voice against antisemitism, intolerance, and extremism. Six Million Voices is reshaping Holocaust education through innovative technology that transcends geography and offers immersive, eye-opening, live virtual experiences. Our tours have enabled over 100,000 people in thousands of cities worldwide to “walk” through Auschwitz.”

SMV Editorial Team

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