Empowering Educators: Six Million Voices and the Evolution of Holocaust Education



SMV Editorial Team



Amidst a changing educational landscape, there is a growing recognition of the importance of Holocaust education in schools. Today, the majority of U.S. states mandate Holocaust education, acknowledging the historical significance and the imperative to impart its lessons to younger generations. However, this positive development also reveals a critical gap — many teachers may not be adequately equipped to provide comprehensive Holocaust education to their students.

As a response to this challenge, Six Million Voices emerges as a valuable resource, offering an innovative solution to educators seeking to fulfill the mandates for Holocaust education in their classrooms. Recent statistics affirm that 48 percent of U.S. Millennials and Gen Z could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto from World War II, emphasizing the pressing need for effective and accessible educational tools.

The immersive experience provided by Six Million Voices’ live virtual tour of Auschwitz transcends traditional teaching methods, enabling students to virtually navigate the haunting remnants of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This firsthand encounter fosters empathy, deep reflection, and a more profound understanding of historical events — aspects that are often challenging to achieve through conventional classroom lessons.

In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into education, virtual tours like Six Million Voices present a compelling and accessible tool for teachers. The power lies not only in the captivating visuals but also in the narratives shared by knowledgeable and passionate educators. These professionals, dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust, play a pivotal role in making the experience impactful for students.

Six Million Voices aims to support educators in meeting the requirements of Holocaust education mandates by offering an engaging and informative platform. The virtual sessions, led by expert educators, integrate original video footage, photographs, drone footage, and 3D visualizations, enriching the learning experience beyond standard methods.

Recent testimonials from educators emphasize the effectiveness of virtual tours. One teacher expressed:

“The virtual tour provided by Six Million Voices was nothing short of phenomenal. It was a gut-wrenching and emotional journey that left a lasting impact on both me and my students. The experience was not only educational but also amazing in its ability to make history come alive. Thank you for this awesome and transformative experience.”

This firsthand account underscores the tour’s ability to resonate with both students and educators, making it a valuable and impactful tool in Holocaust education.

As more states recognize the importance of Holocaust education, Six Million Voices is poised to become an essential ally for teachers striving to meet these mandates. The platform’s true-to-life virtual sessions, combined with knowledgeable educators, make meaningful Holocaust education accessible to students nationwide, contributing to a more informed and empathetic generation.

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